Don’t Stop Believin’

Now for something good! Thankfully an awesome photographer by the name of Amy Hedges over at A. Hedges Photography came up with this little photo challenge right when I needed it. The challenge? Take a photo a week based on the theme she pics for 52 weeks, and post your pics to her Facebook page. This was a nice distraction from things. So I jumped on board and these were my pics for the first few weeks:

Week one: Self portrait

Week two: FOOD

Week three: Black and White

So as you can see I’ve been busy too and throwing myself into all kinds of projects and such. This weeks challenge is: Where I’m from, this should be interesting to pull off. I love this challenge because it really allows and forces you to be creative with your pictures. Plus it also forces me to use and become comfortable with a camera I’ve had for close to three years now. And like I said it is a nice distraction from other things.

If we’re friends on Facebook keep a look out for more from me in the next year.

Thanks for reading…

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