No One Is Alone

….proof positive when random things show up on your back porch. HusbandMan and I got home from work and errands tonight to find a plastic grocery bag on the back porch. Inside 8 handmade/glued/cut blank books. No note, just the books. I’m still a little creeped out by this. I’m thinking wrong address or something.

Today began my first full week back in the swing of things after the events of the end of 2011/beginning of 2012. I was lucky enough to be spending it with my favorite florist. But I arrived there  a good half hour/forty-five mintes before she opened. So I wandered over to the college where I used to work to grab a coffee and something to eat. Yes a coffee. Just because I drink tea doesn’t mean it is all I drink. Besides it’s Monday…and caffeinated tea was not going to cut it for me.

After running into a former co-worker and professor I headed back to hang at the shop. It was nice to be back. It was also nice fixing up the Facebook page for the shop, setting up Twitter, etc. I’m in my element in a way when I’m doing that stuff. I wouldn’t say I’m a social media genius. But I’m pretty good. 😉 It all just seems to come naturally to me. I’m not sure why, but I just go with it and enjoy it.

I managed to get a lot done for the shop and for myself….thank you multiple browsers! That and another cup of coffee and I was turbo charged for the morning. Note to self no more than one cup of coffee twice a week. The day progressed with orders, lunch, and chatting. That last bit is the bit I missed the most of my day spent with FBP. We can talk about anything and we talk as if we’ve known one another forever. It isn’t often we find people like that and it is nice when we do. They tend to remind us that we are in fact not alone.

At one point when all our  work was done we sat down at her new table to read the paper. FBP offered to paint my nails and I jumped on the offer. One it is major girl time which I don’t let myself have often enough. Two I can’t paint my nails to save my life! Mind you it is at this moment that FBP’s husband came in. When he did she and I burst out laughing as we figured THIS would be when he came in. When it looked like we were doing nothing. The rest of the day zipped along and before I knew it HusbandMan was picking me up so we could run our errands.

The errands being getting items for a Faerie Masquerade wedding we’re attending this weekend.  It should be a lot of fun esp. if he and I can pull off our costumes! I’m reusing my wedding dress (when was I going to wear it again?) and hoping some of the Theater kids at the college can work up something for me makeup wise. If not I’ll wing it and hope for the best! I also have to ask FBP to paint my nails again as that only lasted not even a whole 12 hours before several were chipped/dinged *sigh*.

Anyway that was my day…how was yours?

Thanks for reading…

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