No Day But Today

I lost a friend today. I didn’t know her well. One day in the last two months someone named MildewPea began quietly following two of my Twitter accounts (yes I have several accounts, I like to multitask). Sadly today I learned of Millie’s passing from many tea friends around the world. As I said I didn’t know her, but I felt like a bright light went out far too soon. Based on all the tributes I’ve been reading she was one special lady and I wish I had chimed in a time or two on her conversations.

Millie (as nicked from Ken's blog)

If if Millie’s passing has taught me anything it would be that live is short. Don’t wait to tell people things you’ve always wanted to tell them. Be it that you love them, you miss them, whatever it is don’t wait. However, if it happens to be that you have something not so nice to say about someone I want you to take a moment and think about it before you open your mouth and say something you’ll regret.

Trust me. I have one or two people in my life that I really want to give a piece of my mind. But Millie’s passing and words from a friend taught me to breathe and wait. Millie would have told me something witty about why it would be wrong to really tell these people how I feel. While my other friend reminded me that I’m a better person and shouldn’t let their behavior suck me down to that level.

So for me, but more so for Millie share the good with those important to you. As for anything bad weighing you down? Just breath, think, and wait. You’ll see it probably isn’t worth it in the end to say what you wanted to say. I think you’ll also feel like a better person for doing it this way.

Thank you Millie….for everything.

*Today’s song: No Day But Today ~ RENT

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