Closer To Fine

Slowly but surely I’m moving on. Don’t get my wrong I won’t ever forget the first ever time I was expecting. But I can’t let it weigh me down. Things like that can kill you, really.

I’m also moving in the right direction with my business. New teas are arriving by Friday (please don’t screw me USPS) and I’m super excited about this. This Friday also happens to be Troy Night Out. All the shops stay open till 9pm and we usually see a LARGE number of people. Fingers crossed on that one. I know I have friends and regulars who will come out. Let’s just hope they or others buy some tea! 🙂 I’m not asking for much.

Also in other news I’ve gotten some responses from friends I haven’t heard from in ages. I actually didn’t know anyone outside of the tea world read my blog. Thanks! Good to know. But I’m glad I’ve reconnected with these women. These are gals I went to college with (the first time around). One became my roommate half way through Freshman Year. The other was my neighbor for the first half of that year. I’m proud to call both friends.

The first is the Watson to my Holmes (yes as in Sherlock and John – don’t judge). We actually renamed our new room 221b even if it really was 321…but we were 18 at the time. Apparently we thought we were clever AND we were. Her mom even went as far as sending us the infamous hat of Mr. Holmes. I still have mine and yes I do still wear it now and again. But we shared it all in college ups, downs and everything in between. In short she rocks.

The other lady in question introduced me to the amazing music of Dave Matthews. Oddly enough said music has recently been played on our local radio a lot the last few weeks. This made me think of her before she contacted me. Mostly because I noticed she wasn’t on Facebook anymore and I wasn’t sure what was up with that. But recently she returned and I now know why and that’s her business, not mine to tell here. I will say this she, like “Watson” is one of the strongest women I know. She always has something positive to post or say. Which is rare these days.

Tonight as I was trying to get an idea of what to right about the song ‘Closer To Fine’ by the Indigo Girls played on my computer. Which brought a smile to my face and me to write this post. You see we were all in our own ways big fans of The Girls when we were in college. So much so that someone brought a boom box/cd player thing to graduation so we could play the song as we  processed out. Like I said we were nerds and we didn’t care. Which reminds me someone needs to bring or request that song at our next reunion. Yes I’ll be there…look out 2015 here I come!

I want to leave you with one more thing. I’ve been taking part in a photo challenge on Facebook with a local photographer and this weeks theme was a challenge. The theme was “Where I’m From” and I had no idea what the hell I was going to do. There was no way I could get out to my parents house this week or to visit my grandparents at their grave. When suddenly last night I had an idea…

Where I'm From

Front and center are earrings from my parents. Rubies for my July birthstone. In the back from left to right: My Nonni’s engagement ring, my high school ring, Rosemont ring (college), Russell Sage ring (college), and my engagement and wedding band – all on my macbook which really could tell you where I’m from. I thought it really fit the theme in its own way.

Thanks for reading…

*Closer To Fine – Indigo Girls

2 thoughts on “Closer To Fine

  1. Thank you for that. 🙂 I’m glad we’re able to reconnect through here. And this is a GREAT photo for that challenge. It’s creative and meaningful.

    • Well, it is true. You are one tough cookie! I too am glad we have reconnected. I wish we lived a little closer to one another. 🙂 Thanks! I need to get cracking on this week’s challenge…Valentine’s Day.

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