Don’t Stand (Sit) So Close to Me

I know I haven’t kept up with this blog as I promised I would. The reason being these…last week I had a pretty nasty cold. When I say nasty I mean I was practically doing shots of Tylenol Cold! One day it was so bad I didin’t even go in to open the shop. The other reason is that  I landed a temp job last week. I’m working Monday to Wednesday for now and it’s part time. I have to say that while I love my tea business, I’ve found I love this job too. It doesn’t hurt that it actually has to do with one of my majors in college. Yes after all the time and money I put into getting two bachelors degrees I finally have a job (temping sure) in one of my majors.

Which one you ask…criminal justice/sociology (thank you RSC)! I’m working for a non-profit agency who help develop programs for agencies serving and persons with a mental disability.

I work it isn't for lease anymore...

I feel VERY good about going to work in the morning, and even better when I leave each afternoon. Probably because I know what I am doing is helping this organization move ahead. Plus we’re kind of a big deal at the moment because we are the only State level agency working with several National/Federal agencies! Yup I’m very proud of my work right now. If they end up offering me a permanent part or full time job I might just take it!

But what about the tea shop (and the title of this post you might ask?) Well, I love selling tea, really I do. But selling tea isn’t going to save someone’s life or get them back on their feet is it? At least not in the way working for this organization will. As to the post title….well my amazing husband has been good enough to drop me off near the office the mornings, but I’ve been using public transportation in the afternoons to get home. I get out at two it isn’t all that bad.

Yup iride!

Taking this mode of transportation home has allowed me to see a different side of the world. It could almost be a sociology experiment…which I’d thought about it when I needed an observable study for one of my research classes. Anyway, I’ve learned a few things after only three days on the bus.

1.  ALL kinds of people take the bus. I really dislike that most people of a higher socio economic stature (my soc minor at work) turn their nose up at the very idea of the bus and assume only poor people ride the bus. Newsflash to them…I’ve seen State employees, lawyers, students, elderly, etc on the bus. It’s cheap AND better for the environment in a way. Plus have you ever tried to park in downtown Albany?

2.  People get really particular about their seats on the bus. Most people purposely sit a certain way as to keep others from sitting with them. Usually it has to do with personal space or some passengers lack of personal grooming. Me? I cram myself and all my belongings into one seat and if someone sits next to me…well whatever. My only gripe here is PLEASE let me up when you see me pull the cord for my stop.

3. This one is from my days of taking public transit in Philadelphia, carry spare change in your coat/pants pocket. There are folks who will ask you for change while you wait for the bus. Don’t judge them or suspect they’ll be spending that money on anything more than a cup of coffee. If you were in need wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for you? You bet you would.

4. If you do take the bus say hi to your driver. They are super nice and always (I’ve found) willing to help if you have a question about a stop or where to pick up your next bus.

I’m sure I could go on, but those are the basics. I will try to be better at updating this blog as time goes on. But life happens.

Thanks for reading…

*Don’t Stand So Close To Me – The Police

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