Streets of Philadelphia

I’m back in Philadelphia this weekend for my first alumni board meeting. I love being back in Philly. There are days I truly miss being able to walk EVERYWHERE! Sure I could walk to places in Troy and where I work in Albany. But it isn’t the same as being here in Philly. The funniest thing made me feel welcome when I got here…it was when I caught the #9 bus into Center City. But it wasn’t so much the bus as it was what the bus said when the doors opened. “Welcome aboard route 9 Center City via Chestnut Street. ” Sure I’m paraphrasing, but it made me feel at home.

I took that bus damn near everyday when I lived in Philly close to ten years ago. It was an awesome route into the city and pretty much hit every major location in the city too. It made me feel more welcome, I’m an odd duck what can I say? Oddly enough I felt more at home this time when I arrived unlike when I first came back in September for a tea thing.

For example as I sit here in the “gayborhood” I can feel the soft rumble of the train underneath the street and that too welcomes me back. Soon (I hope) I’ll meet up with a fellow Rosemonster who was good enough to host me this evening before our trek to our alma mater for board meetings tomorrow. I was last on campus in 2009 for Family Weekend and it was surreal then. Being back on campus. But I loved showing my future husband where I spent some of. The best four years of my life.

I hope he’ll come with me in June for Reunion. I think that he’d really enjoy it. I’d also love to take him around Philly a little more. We had a brief tour when we were here in ’09. Plus maybe we’ll stop at Ikea on the way home too. No I have NO shame at all!

I plan to soak up ALL I can in the next day of one of my favorite cities. Take some notes and maybe get back to writing that story I started when I lived here.

Thanks for reading.

*Streets of Philadelphia – by Bruce Springsteen, from the film Philadelphia

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