I Will Always Love You

My whirlwind trip to Philadelphia was amazing. But it was too short! It was great getting to know NurseKD. She’s was a year behind me in college and we chatted here and there and I’m sure shared a meal or two. This weekend we got to know one another a bit better and now I wish we lived closer so I could hang out with her more. Well, when she has the time. You see she’s in a fast track nursing program which means she’s either in class or studying for a class. I was really happy to have caught her between semesters (by about 2 days).

Returning to my first college was bittersweet. I wish I could have stayed there forever. This was another one of those places where I felt right at home when I stepped on campus. I was there for an Alumni/ae board meeting and had a blast! My fellow Board of Directors (NurseKD included) are awesome! I also found out that one of my former RA’s is on the board! Seriously the best RA ever, no question. In fact I believe she taught me how to pour the perfect beer. Please note this was using a can of Coca Cola! But I carry that and a few of her isms with me today. Including these two gems…”You have to be like a duck my friend, just let it roll off your back.” (I need to remember this one more often) and “Safety first!” This one she needed to remind me of as she dropped me off at the train station….I still had my name tag on!

I managed to make my trains with little to no issue at all which I will take any day of the week! While on my final leg of my trip I logged onto Facebook (thank you Amtrak for Wi-Fi). There were the usual posts about evening plans, article links, etc. But I was not expecting posts declaring RIP Whitney Houston! Sadly she passed away last night at the age of 48! I was saddened by this loss because she provided to me (and others) the sound track of our youth. In recent years she had some trouble with substance abuse, but she was making a comeback. At least now she’s at peace.

While I was reading all the RIP posts I noticed my brother also posted about her death…in a way. This was his post:

It makes me sick…..y’all know that a pop star died and it consumes you life…but if asked if you knew who our POW’s are you’d have no answer, you wouldn’t be able to answer anything about what’s going on in Afghanistan. Shows how f-ed up our society is.

This was my response to that post:

I’m sorry to say I don’t know who our POW’s are, and I don’t know more than they show on the news or what I read in papers about Afghanistan. Hell I don’t even know which news outlets to trust for the real story. So would you sit down with me next time I am home and talk to me about it? I’m being totally serious here M-. Love you little brother!

I know he’s angry and I don’t blame him. But he makes a valid point. How many of us can name a POW? How many of us know what’s really going on over in Afghanistan? I’m sure you’ll find now many of us. We should do better to learn these things. Do I agree with him that Ms. Houston consumes my life? No, that bit pissed me off. She was simply a favorite artist of mine and I am saddened by her death. But I am also saddened by the loss of our men and women in service fighting a war I feel we have no place in. That’s me…I’ll climb down off my soapbox before I fall down (it could happen).

Thanks for reading.

*I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston in the film The Bodyguard

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