Life Less Ordinary

I’m going to go ahead and say I love the song Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf. I thought I was the only one. That is until new friends of ours got married at the end of last month. This was their song. BUT even better…they met the band and the band was good enough to record a version of the song for them! THAT is cool. At the time of their wedding I had forgotten that I loved this song. Somehow it vanished off my iTunes library (problem solved). Had it been there when HusbandMan and I got married I might have suggested it as our song. But we went with I Just Knew by Better Than Ezra. I have to say that is our song. But this one is a close second.

I’m also thinking I might have talked about this before, and if I did I’m too lazy to go look and see if I did talk about it. :p Right maturity returning. Anyway, I’d like to think I live a life less ordinary (as the song goes) and have from an early age. You see I was born with nystagmus, found out I had cataracts at age 11 and well the litany of eye issues and surgeries goes on. Seriously my last one was maybe five years ago and I think I need another. Some left over scar tissue is creeping out where it shouldn’t be. Awesomesause!

But from what I know I should have been born with (at least most kids with my eye issues are) some learning disabilities too. Now the smart asses out there who know me are probably asking “Are you sure?” – haha, yes I am thanks. Anyway, I think that’s pretty awesome. I’ve overcome a lot with these peepers over the last thirty-three years. No I can’t drive, doctors orders, but I can navigate public transportation like a pro! I have bat like hearing which my husband can attest to. That has served me well over the years let me tell you. Including the time I heard the fire alarm going off when I worked in dispatch BEFORE the alarm call came into the office. Go me!

I’ve also had to endure the joys of being called four eyes for years in school. I finally learned an awesome comeback in middle school, four eyes are better than two! I thought I was pretty clever. Thankfully in college people grew up and moved on from the teasing. At least they did at Rosemont, when I went to Sage it was like I was living in the movie Mean Girls. The attacks weren’t on me thankfully. But it just seemed like girls were much meaner there.

Where was I? Ah yes, life less ordinary…I’ve lead an interesting and anything but ordinary life. I’d say I associate myself with people who do the same. I am very cool with that! My friends are also very cool so there! For example one is starting her own photography business in Virginia and I seriously want to go visit her for a photo session and of course to catch up. Another went back to school for nursing. Still other friends had a kick-ass masquerade ball wedding (yes they were the same folks who met Carbon Leaf and got the personalized private version of the song for their wedding)!

Would an uncool guy rock horns and a mask for a wedding?

My husband is also the nerdiest and coolest guy I know. Yeah he sometimes irritates me, but if he didn’t we would be SO boring. But he has cool interests like Robotics. Sure it means I haven’t seen him much in the past six weeks, but it makes him happy, so I’m letting that one slide. 😉 He also supports me with my crazy ideas like leaving a job that was slowly killing me for something super fun. He’s also supportive of my want to learn how to knit. Odds are I might not be able to see very well to do it, but until I try I’ll never know. So we’re going to do that one together. We’re even starting an etsy business together very soon. 🙂

I also love to write. I write a lot, hey I’m writing right now! How about that? Bad thing is I’ve never really finished anything…yet. That’s a goal for 2012 – finish one piece of writing. You might be wondering what’s so less ordinary about this? Well, I write plays, novels, etc about things like the supernatural, things I’ve never read about…so I think that fits the mold. I also love photography and go for the unusual shot like cat feets or my own feets.

My feets a few years ago.

Ty's cute cat feets in black and white.

Now the down side of this life less ordinary….my Dad has Diabetes and Celiacs disease. Oddly enough I too have been having monster tummy troubles for the last few years. So I opted to cut gluten from my diet. What do you know problem gone. However, I often cheat on this whole gluten-free diet. Sometimes not by choice. Honestly sometimes there is nothing gluten-free around for me to eat when traveling for example. This doesn’t tend to bother me at all. But this last week apparently I’ve cheated more than I thought I did. So much so that I’ve been having some serious pain going on in my tummy. So much so that I almost asked HusbandMan to take me to the ER at 2am Sunday morning. I didn’t and I didn’t tell him about it either. Ooopsie.

Yummy gluten filled foods. Source: internet

So now I’m off to see my general doc tonight to see what her thoughts are on the whole thing. I’ve tried Zantac, which has taken the edge off, but not made the discomfort go away. In fact it’s been so bad that I did not go to the temp job today. Let me tell you I have powered through a lot in the last few months and gone to work anyway (tea shop or temp job). So you know it’s bad if I stay home now. I’m just hoping the words endoscopy and colonoscopy DO NOT enter the conversation at the doctors.

But pain and gluten aside…I wouldn’t trade my life less ordinary for one of those normal lives any day of the week. In fact keep those less ordinary days coming. I can take ’em!!


*Life Less Ordinary – Carbon Leaf

4 thoughts on “Life Less Ordinary

  1. Few things.. you are welcome to come!! We can definitely do a photo shoot! Also, a lot of restaurants around here have gluten free menus. You should check for those there and I’ve seen lots of gluten free grocery products as well.

    You are a great person. 🙂 Remember that.. and mean girls are everywhere…it’s one of my goals to eliminate or atleast make them more aware of that meanness before they get to high school. 🙂

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