King (Queen) of Wishful Thinking

Lent begins tomorrow. I’m not rally all that Catholic anymore. But there are a few things I still try to do. One of those things is giving up something for Lent. Last year it was coffee and I did it! I gave it up for 40 days – go me! Sadly I still get a cup here and there today, but I drink a whole lot less now.

So this time I was trying to think of things to give up and this recent tummy trouble has made me think that I really need to give up the gluten for good now. NO MORE CHEATING! Clearly even a little gluten is too much for me. So starting today I’m just saying no to gluten.

That’s right I’m DONE! This is going to be tough. I’m going to get this awesome gluten free grocery guide I’ve seen online and that’s that! From here on out:

Oh I’m also tossing in my secondary thing I always try to give up: swearing. I’ve cut back, but not enough for my liking. So there we are. However, if I do eat something with gluten or swear I’m dropping $$ in the vacation jar. I’ve got my sights set on a Disney Cruise this Fall! NOT that I’m planning on eating that much gluten or swearing that much. But there has to be a punishment of some kind besides the obvious tummy pain and my niece telling me I cursed again…good times.

Wish me luck!

*King of Wishful Thinking – Go West

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