Let’s All Go To the Mall

So I headed to the mall today to just wander about while HusbandMan was doing his own thing. I also wanted to use my Old Navy gift card and take a look at a few other shops while I was there. First, I hit up Old Navy and picked up a few cute tanks and t-shirts. As usual the Old Navy at my local mall was packed. But the line moved pretty quickly. I was then off and walking to wherever my legs took me. I checked out the shoes in DSW, but nothing really caught my eye. However, there was this awesome pair of red Converse sneakers I really wanted to buy and rock a la The 10th Doctor.

However, I didn’t buy them. I’ll save up my money and hope that DSW sends me some $10 off coupons.Because those Converse will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine! I opted to then just wander the mall for the heck of it. I also enjoyed people watching a great deal. I saw I’d say 5 pregnant women all ready to ‘pop’ as it were. This did not upset me (finally), in fact I could tell they all were walking the mall in the hopes that labor wouldn’t be far behind. In fact I bet at least three of them have their hospital bag in the car.

Anyway, I wandered my way up to the second floor and popped into Victoria’s Secret. Momma needed a few things. Nothing naughty thank you. However, everyone kept asking if I needed my chest measured….seriously?! But it was toasty in that store. the worst part was it pumped up the stink of the bath/fragrance stuff to a really gross degree. But I got what I needed and got the hell out of there.

I wandered around and stopped in to pick up part of my Dad’s birthday gift the greatest hits of Fleetwood Mac. Yes, I am bringing my computer tomorrow to copy the CD to my sound files. 🙂 No I have no shame. None at all. I also picked up some teas at Teavana, no not my favorite place, but they had what I needed for not too much money. I also have learned that I really dislike the mall. It used to be a really fun place when I was younger. Not anymore, I really would rather shop online if possible. But just wandering the mall should be left to the younger generation.

After HusbandMan picked me up we headed out to pick up a few more things for my Dad’s birthday. Some of his favorite things that I won’t mention now in case he reads this. 🙂 Now we’re just sitting here catching up on Doctor Who Series 2 Part 2. Me I’d rather watch some more How I Met Your Mother, but I enjoy Doctor Who so I can put my wants on hold for a little longer. Which is why I had to give a little nod to the show in this evenings blog title. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you really should watch the show.

*Let’s All Go To The Mall – from How I Met Your Mother

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