Sinnerman (woman)

A Lenten update:

I was doing really well with the whole no cheating by eating gluten thing. Then I had a really stressful day at my temp job. I should go back a little bit here. When I get stressed I eat and I now typically want gluten when I feel the need to stress eat. Well, Wednesday night was no different. When I got out of work I wanted nothing more than to chow down on a pesto and mozz sammich from Panera Bread…and my husband being the awesome guy he is took me to get it. Thankfully I did not have a nasty reaction like last week to eating said gluten.

It also meant I dropped a dollar in the jar. Because I in fact cheated. There is also some green in there from when I have slipped up on the whole no cursing bit too. I think there’s something close to 5 bucks in there as of today. I’m ok with that.

You see I’ve cut my cursing way down…I’m really noticing how vile it is when I hear others curse and I don’t like it at all! So the goal is to really stop dropping the f-bomb all the time. I use that one a little too much. My goal for lent is to not let the dollar amount not exceed 10 bucks. So I really need to watch/catch myself before I let a bomb fly. It isn’t easy, but I’m really trying to be good. Wish me luck!


*Sinnerman by Nina Simone

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