Wonderful Tonight

Ok I know it’s been a while since I last posted. But I’ve had my reasons. The major one was that I pinched a nerve/pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder. Which did not make me a happy camper for more that a week! A lot of heat patches and a few muscle relaxers later I feel amazing! As you also know I also I’ve been temping at a local non-prophet for the last two months. Needless to say I’ve been tired when I get home! But I’m getting my energy back, sort of.

Anyway, I’ve had one of the best days off in a long time! I got up at my usual time, showered, dressed, AND ate a healthy breakfast…normally on a day off I would have slept in until 10 or so and been super pissed with myself. So big ups to me for following through on getting up when I said I would. After breakfast I grabbed my laptop from the office and set up shop at the kitchen table and flipped on some of my favorite tunes to work by. Yup there’s a playlist for that. 🙂

I worked on a few tea blends per friends requests. I also drank a lot of tea today, yikes! I then cracked out a long overdue blog for the tea blog and got back in gear with another tea social media type site I belong to. It was a tea filled day for sure! I also got some quality snuggles and fun in with the cats. They can pretend they didn’t like it, but I know they did!

Right so the best day ever continued when Husbandman returned home after work and we ordered pizza for dinner with wings. Yes it was FULL of gluten and I loved every minute of it! After dinner I was poking around Facebook when I noticed one of my FAVORITE Etsy sellers, Enlightened Platypus posted a few items for sale. Naturally, I rushed over to her shop to see what was up for grabs. What I found and what happened next was nothing short of magical!

I thought I would find everything snapped up and reserved as usual. (Her stuff is awesome and goes quick) I was surprised to find she had a lot of Dream Sleeves up for grabs, I was even more surprised to find there was a Dryad Dream Coat in my size in colors I liked up for grabs. The name of the coat is Potions Class and the colors are all reds, oranges, and purples and I was instantly in love. I must have looked at it a million times in one minute. I quickly logged in to Etsy and after some frantic password resets I saw it was still for grabs. So I called in Husbandman and told him that the shop owner usually allowed for paying in installments could I do it? (Her coats are kinds pricey, but worth it) To my SURPRISE he told me to just pay for it outright!!

To say that I nearly fainted is an understatement. My hands were shaking as I typed in all of my information. I even made my husband check all the info four times before I hit submit. According to my Etsy account I got the coat! I’ll see if I can get the shop owner to send me a picture to post here as I don’t know how long it will take to get the coat. I also got to get the coat because Husbandman just spent a hefty sum on a tool he’s wanted for ages. NOT that he had to let me make an equal purchase but it is awesome that he let me buy it. I’m literally doing a happy dance in my chair as I type this. 🙂

So this day has been pretty awesome….one for the record books maybe? Well, at least my record books. In other news there is no baby news to share. The more I think about it and the more I see pregnant friends post about their upcoming blessed events on Facebook the more I want to keep that news to myself. You know when it happens. Sure I think we’ll both mention it on Facebook and here, but not a lot. For privacy’s sake and all that.

Happy Easter/Passover!

*Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

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