Sadly not like the song…more like out of the blue fever which brought headache and grossness with it…not the way I planned on spending my weekend.

No we were supposed to be off to PA to run around in the wood LARPing (Live Action Role Play for the non nerdy reading this). I was going to rock being an elf, while HudbandMan was going to be a Hobbling, like a Hobbit – but not. He made cookies and bread to share with our awesome LARPing friends and it was going to be full of awesome. Instead I want to crawl under a rock and die!

Not to worry I’ve been drinking water and Gatorade like it’s my job. But it hasn’t helped yet. I am sitting here in a tank top and shorts and I feel like i’m on fire. Yes, I’ve also been taking Tylenol…I’m on this no worries and I hear it’s going around. Be warned.

So I’ve been chilling out on the couch and in bed since yesterday at 2:30pm. Thankfully my laptop travels and we have Netflix and Hulu Plus…so I’m covered to keep the bordum at bay. HusbandMan has been pretty awesome too and my MIL mentioned the possibility of chicken soup later today. On the upside (yes there is one, two actually), it happened on the weekend so hopefully I will not have to miss work!

The other plus is my giveaway prize arrived this morning! My friend Jona had a giveaway on her blog not long ago and I won! (FYI you should read her blog if you aren’t already) I’ll be doing a better write up on the products I won when I feel better. But I tried the shampoo and conditioner when I tried to wash the ick away and they are amazing. I also have to say the color infused lip gloss is a new favorite. But more on that after many naps.

*Fever (in this case) by Michael Buble

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