Try To Remember

If you recall when last I wrote I had won some awesome stuff from a friend’s blog. Well, the items arrived when I was knocking on death’s door so I didn’t get to review the items. Long story short I loved everything and even bought some larger sizes! Yup I liked the stuff that much.

First up I had some samples of this great organic shampoo and conditioner. Actually all the products are organic and that is a double bonus! I firmly believe that all the shampoos and other things (besides the hair color) have done a number on my hair. So like I said I loved the shampoo so I ordered more. This is a Wild Mint shampoo from Organic Excellence. It smells amazing and has done wonders on my hair in the short time I’ve been using it.

Wild Mint Shampoo

Yes, that’s my Snape figure in the back there…what of it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I must say I cannot say enough about this shampoo. It was up there in price ($18.95!). But you do get a 16oz bottle AND I’ll let you in on a secret my hair dresser shared with me the other night…when the bottle is half gone add water, shake and ta-da more shampoo! So I just doubled my money right there….go me!

Also in my winning back was some amazing ColorFusion Lip Gloss (Pomegranate flavored). It came in a small container complete with applicator. I would show you a picture, but it’s in my purse and I’m too lazy to go back downstairs for it at the moment. (I’m a little short on time tonight) Again another instant hit with me. It went on super smooth and lasted for a few hours! So I had to buy a larger size (only $8). Again here a little goes a LONG way and I really love that I truly get my $$ worth with these products.

ColorFusion Lip Gloss!

I also had a sample of body lotion…Basa Body – Mountain Berry. As you can imagine this was another instant hit with me. Went on super smooth and silky and didn’t leave my hands feeling at all sticky like some lotions I’ve tried. Plus it smells awesome…so awesome that one of our cats was instantly on my lap licking at my elbow. Which being an all organic product meant I wasn’t freaking out when said cat started licking my arm.

Free samples baby!

Now the extra bonus…with my order I also scored three free samples…that’s right THREE! The first is Lolo Levu Yava Savata Foot Treatment (foot scrub with tea tree oil)…awesome, my feets need some loving seeing as flip flop weather is not far off!

Next up is Badger Anti Bug Balm Stick – again hello Spring and Summer, goodbye bugs! At least I hope it means goodbye bugs!

Last but not least CHOCOLATE! Yeah that’s right a free little sample of chocolate – Chocolate Conspiracy Raw Artisan Chocolate! You bet I had to try a little bite and YUM! Plus no refined sugars, dairy, soy or GMO’s (no idea) and, AND it also happens to be GLUTEN FREE!! I see an order of chocolate in my future! ๐Ÿ™‚

So if you want to check out this amazing site (most everything comes in sample sizes too) visit: Natural Joy Beautyย and enjoy!


Try to Remember – from The Fantasticks

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