New Ways To Dream

I promised a post about our trip to Washington, DC and since the site where I blog about tea is down…now seems the time to post about the trip!

But first has anyone ever heard of Tiger Balm? Sounds like something Charlie Sheen would advertise right? Not so and not made from any part of a tiger. It tends to be used for minor aches and pains. However, a co-worker clued me in that she uses it for her headaches! This was news to me, but since I had a headache I figured I’d give it a go. It worked! Smells like Vicks but I didn’t mind the smell when the headache went bye-bye!

Right, Washington, DC! We arrived via Amtrak Friday afternoon and promptly dropped our things at the hotel’s security office since our party who had the room wasn’t there yet. I had a few things I HAD to do while in DC. One was pick up some tea from a local DC Tea company – Capital Teas. So we hopped on the metro up to Dupont Circle and swung into that location where I picked up some teas for me and my good friend who had a rough week. She was also kind enough to watch our cats (Come get your tea!).

That task done we beat feet back down to our hotel. You see my husbands family (some of them) were all meeting up in DC for the weekend. Once we were settled in the hotel we headed to The Dubliner for drinks and snacks. But we had to leave early to meet up with a friend of mine from WAY back who lives just outside the District with his wife and two boys. We were meeting them for dinner at the Star and Shamrock (if you are ever in DC GO HERE!). It was great to see them and catch up. We also learned their next stop with the Army is Hawaii. Needless to say we’ll be visiting!

The next few days were a bit of a blur. We hit up several of the Smithsonian museums, where we saw gems like these:

The Hope Diamond – This was awesome to see up close and personal.

We also hit up the butterfly “house” and took a load of pictures of this guy and his/her pals.

I was trying to get them to land on me, because you were NOT allowed to reach out and encourage them to land on you….lame!

The Doll’s House – I would LOVE to have 15 minutes of play time in this doll house!

We took a moonlit tour of the monuments which included a stop at the Capital

We got to hop out of the van to visit Abe and a few other memorials in the area. (Sorry this is a blurry shot)

The Korean War Memorial…very eerie at night, but moving all the same.

Iwo Jima Memorial

THe Washington Monument

As you can see we did a lot in the three and a half days we had in DC. We also visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial aka “the Wall”. You can read a bit about that experience here. In all the trip was FAR too short and I really want to go back for longer. Plus I didn’t get the chance to catch up with one of my buddies from college and THAT is a must the next time I’m in town!!

*New Ways To Dream – Sunset Boulevard

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