See I’m Smiling

Which is a shocker after what happened in that last post. Oh you mean the one that’s password protected Court? Yup that one. Want the password? I may give it to you…but then again I might not. We’ll see.

It hasn’t all been bad. My new job is going really well and I love it! Seriously, a year ago you would not have found me wanting to go to work when the alarm went off in the morning. Sure I still snooze the alarm, who doesn’t? BUT I actually WANT to go to work. Yay! My tea business is also going really well. I have some awesome ideas that are slowly taking off and I think these ideas are only going to mean good things to the business!

My husband is amazing, duh! Sure he drives me nuts sometimes. But what spouse, partner, boy/girlfriend doesn’t? We had a great vacation and have plans for the house. Which do include unpacking everything FINALLY. That is really starting to work the last nerve. It will get done – we just should have done it months ago. Things happened and we didn’t so here we are.

My mommy has a big birthday today. She’s turning 60! So my siblings and I chipped in and bought her an iPad. Best kids of the year? That would be us. We’re heading out there today to give it to her. She knows what she’s getting but it will still be fun to see her try to figure it out. 😉 Not much else is really happening. I did come up with some more ideas for the novel I’ve been writing. But I haven’t had a whole lot of time to actually put pen to paper so to speak. Till next time.

*See I’m Smiling (The Last 5 Years)

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