Somebody That I Used To Know

Yeah I know it’s kind of been a while and well. I really have no excuse. At least I’m honest right? Right! So what have I been up to since June 28th…the last time I posted? Well, sadly not much. I went to work, there was a holiday in there somewhere, more work, a bit of a lather, rinse, repeat if you will.

Anyway, lets see what other people have been doing in the last week or so. First off Katie Holmes blindsided Tom Cruise…who really didn’t see that one coming? I mean come on, who? NOBODY that’s who. Don’t get me wrong divorce sucks (I’ve never been through it, but know plenty who have), but there’s something not right about Tommy boy. Perhaps we should have all seen it coming fromt he couch jumping incident on Oprah?

– Yup there’s something not right about him…

Right moving on to someone who I think is super awesome in the way he handled himself in recent weeks…Anderson Cooper. Last week Cooper came out via email to a long time friend by saying “The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud,” thank you Mr. Cooper! Yes, there are those who probably said “duh” when they heard the news, but the way he came out, on his own terms, in his own way is just awesome! AWESOME!

You stay classy Anderson Cooper! (Source: internet)

Then there’s me. I’ve just been here going about my business. Forgetting to keep up with any and all of my blogs. (Good job!) But that’s about to change, heck this blog might change with it. Warning, the snark might really let fly in the next few weeks. Because I’m feeling feisty! It doesn’t happen often people and I’m going to let it fly! Well, within reason of course. No need to go flying off the handle.

Sure there are still the dreams of the one day baby my husband and I will have. But there’s the snark of why everyone else, seriously? I think I’ve served enough penance for a number of things that will remain nameless here. There’s also the plan to be a famous writer. Then there’s the snark of why I didn’t think to impersonate Suri Cruise a long time ago so I would have a book coming out in the Fall? Anyway…there we have it. Moving on.

*Somebody That I Used To Know – by Gotye

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