I’ve been waiting to read a review from one of my favorite bloggers about this year’s Life Planner she just got in the mail. You can read it here. I ended up buying a new one even though this year’s planner sounds like a bit of a downer. But I have to say it still sounds better than anything else out there on the market. Yes, even better than my beloved Vera Bradley planner.

This bad boy fell apart on me within a week. Which did not leave me a happy camper. So the epiphany here is sure the planner from Erin Condren (www.erincondren.com) might not be the MOST AMAZING planner this time around – but it is better considering some of my other equally expensive options. So I ordered it and when it gets here I will make the most of it and use it like a champ.

Which reminds me I need to actually remember to bring said planner with me when I go to work. This will also involve swapping bags. Which I have to tell you is also a monster PITA! It’s a girl thing guys…you wouldn’t get it and I’m not going to try to explain it. I’d have to harm you if I did.

I also got in a pretty awesome order of tea from a company I’m giving another go with. I had placed an order with them over a year ago and I was not impressed with the teas I got. But thanks to the urging of folks over on Steepster.com I gave them another shot and I must say I’m glad I did…check out Upton Tea Imports and get their quarterly…it will BLOW YOUR MIND! There is so much tea to choose from!!

I think that’s all I have to say…I’m sure I’ll think of something at 3am and forget it 5 minutes later. But that’s the way of things isn’t it?

*Epiphany – from the musical Sweeney Todd

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