Empire State Of Mind

So it was my birthday earlier this week. Yay! I’m 34. Yup I admitted it, so what? It’s not going to kill me that people know how old I am. Truth of the matter is I still get carded when we go out ALL THE TIME…woo!

Anyway, I’ve been celebrating, working, helping out with this and that, etc. You know things, I’ve been doing things! But I promise to try to keep up with this here blog a little more. So we’ll see how that one goes. No promises kids.

I was hoping to head down to New York City this weekend. I thought that would be cool a few weeks ago. But now I’m thinking I want to head to a somewhat closer local and pick up some of my favorite tea…yeah big case of awesome idea fail right there kids. But it happens to me more often than not and I couldn’t tell you why.

So a little closer to home it is for some tea and shopping and more shopping. I’ve got birthday monies burning a sizable hole in my pocket. Yup I’m 34 and still get birthday monies what of it? Don’t judge. Well, that’s where I’ve been take it or leave it. Now you know and according to G.I. Joe knowing is half the battle. 😉

I leave you with this picture of our oldest kitteh in the window. Dawwww!

*Empire State Of Mind – as performed by the cast of Glee

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