The War on Christmas {Seriously}

I kid you not…apparently there is a war on Christmas!

If you take a look at Being Liberal’s page over on Facebook you’ll see their post. A post which has caused a major stir for people who have selected to repost it. My husband being one of them as well as some of our dear friends. Sure my husband is an Atheist/Agnostic, but he doesn’t chew someone out for wishing him a Merry Christmas…no he simply says Happy Holidays.

The issue isn’t with Christmas from what I can tell…it has more to do with keeping church and state separate from one another. Which yes means no Nativity scene on government property. But a great many people or a few small minded folks seem to think it is all against Christmas. *sigh* Can’t we all get along? In fact that’s what all us heathens want in the first place!



Penn of Penn and Teller fame put it best this morning on a radio program. He said and I’m really paraphrasing here ‘if this is a “war”, well I’m ok with it. Seeing as no one has died or taken it to the point of violence’. He’s right if only all wars were so dare I call them simple?

Yes I’m rambling and no I don’t care. But I do wish you all a happy holiday season no matter what you celebrate/believe.

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