Resolve To Be Successful in 2013

First off Happy New Year!

Now to get down to business. I actually saw this success jar idea over on the Facebooks last night a few times. Then this morning I saw that one of my favorite bloggers was rocking it out on her blog and had invited other bloggers to do the same. Challenge accepted! So here it is:

Are you in?

Are you in?

So what is it exactly? Well, simple really. You go get yourself a jar (large, small, just a notes app on your phone) whatever you feel comfortable with and you add good things to it when they happen to you throughout the year. My understanding is these should be truly memorable successes. But if you want to drop in a slip about your score of a sweet parking spot at the mall who am I to stop you? Then on December 31, 2013 you read them and post them on your blog for the world ok your followers to read. Simple right? Right.

Needless to say I’m totally in! You can be too. Click HERE to join us!

I’ll post a picture of my jar once I find one (which shouldn’t be hard considering the prior owners of our house hoarded jars like crazy) and decorate it.

So go on and be successful!

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