Always Time for Wine!

Well, day two of the new year wasn’t all that bad. Even if it did mean going back to work. Besides I knew I was going to be meeting one of my dearest friends after work with the Mister, which helped the day move along. That and I have Friday off – win!

So where did we go? Our new favorite spot in Troy of course! Yes, it has a name…The Charles F. Lucas Confectionary and Wine Bar. My husband had never been, but I had a feeling it would be right up his street (sorry Sherlock reference AGAIN). The place has this great intimate atmosphere that is perfect for a cozy date night out or meeting up with friends after work. Me I love everything about this place: food, drink, decor, etc. You feel like family from the moment you enter to the moment you leave.

Beer and wine. Yum!

Beer and wine. Yum!

Seriously how many eateries, bars, etc. do you have the owners (Vic and Heather) stop by to say hi or take your order? Yeah I can count the number on one hand. That’s just part of what makes this place special. Another is the food. Mostly cheeses, meats, small plate items…but all AMAZING! Let’s not forget the wine/beer selection either! Tonight I tried their Moscato (Secco Italian Bubbles) while the Mister tried one of their many craft beers, Bitburger Premium. My pal TND tried a red wine.

Their cheese menu is pretty stellar!

Their cheese menu is pretty stellar!

She also tried the pie (which is the cutest little tart type looking pie I’ve ever seen! While the mister and I tried the pick 3. This is a mix and match kinda thing. Pick three cheeses, three meats, or a mix of both. We selected Shushan Snow (like a Brie), Barely Buzzed (like a cheddar), and Spicy Capicola (a meat for you non-Italians). This was all served on a nifty board that looked and felt like a chalkboard. It also came with bread, sadly my gluten free crackers were missing. No big deal I worked through it. After all there was cheese and wine involved, it was tough, but I did it.

TND and I even tried some of their Blue Bottle Coffee (French Pressed of course). WOW! I probably couldn’t make this at home if I tried! Needless to say this is a place that we will be visiting more in the future. I’m truly glad they’ve opened in Downtown Troy. Really nice addition to the mix of shops, pubs, etc. in the area!

If you ever happen to be in Troy, NY stop in and enjoy!


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