The “Productive” Morning

I’ve had a “productive” morning. And by that I mean I’ve tinkered with social media stuff, played with the cats, made a whole lot of tea, pissed off the mail man, you know normal day off things. There was other stuff in the mix, but it was boring.

Let’s take them one at a time shall we?

When I say tinkered with social media I mean jerked around updating the Facebook page and Twitter feed. I did finally get smart and combine the two. SO now when I update the Facebooks it will auto post to Twitter. I’m so smart sometimes it is SCARY!

By playing with the cats I actually mean chasing them off the table a million times in a short period of time. They saw it as playing, I saw it as being really irritated.

I actually haven’t had as much tea as I would have liked by this point in my day. The reason is I pissed off the mailman. Well, not true…I think he pissed me off more. Countless times last year he would leave things on our poorly covered front porch knowing full well there was an enclosed porch not far away. I once almost had tea pre-made for me when I arrived home. Sigh. Today I was tracking (read stalking) a tea order that was out for delivery. The only issue was my mailman had some and gone! So I call the post office when I should have waited (it turned up 10 minutes after I called), but I’m impatient and I love/wanted my tea!

I did also manage to scratch out some VERY rough notes for a new story that has been cooking in my head for a few weeks. So progress, yay! Also exciting news, a friend of mine wrote a cook a while back and I finally bought a copy! Said book is also now en route to me as I type this.  Which means…another round of stalking the mailman will begin very soon.

When all is said and done I wish I had a time machine to go back and start this day all over. But instead I have this…

One of the best gifts ever!

One of the best gifts ever!

…which isn’t the real deal…but by making more tea I’m sure I’ll forget all about how non-productive I really was today.

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