Much Needed Time Off

Well, today’s day off won’t really allow me much relaxing or much fun to tell the truth. But it is needed. There are some errands to run with the hubbins that can’t be done on the weekend as well as a long (unknown to me) overdue visit to a Rheumatologist. Now I’m 34 (there I said it) should I really need to see one of these guys?

Apparently so seeing as some blood work I had done (a while ago and story for another time) came back a little off. So away I go with my very long and detailed two page form for the Rheumatologist. I’m hoping to get some answers to a fair number of questions not limited to joint pain, heat sensitivity, extreme fatigue and more. While I’m sure not all the answers will come today I am sure I will be giving up a lot of blood to the cause. NOT my most favorite thing. But I don’t have much of a choice either.

Then it is home to nap. I’m sure I’ll needed it. Followed by making a yummy dinner of Lasagna soup and some D and D (nerd alert) with friends.


But wouldn’t it be a pisser if it was? Ok that was a little humor for you. Laugh dammit!

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