This light sucks AND my nose is HUGE

Today is/was Easter Sunday. Or as we call it in our house Zombie Jesus Day. Because we’re kind of jerks about the whole religion thing. But that’s a post for another time.

We did what most young married folks who don’t have kids do – went to my parents houses to mooch food. Plus my Dad has been home for a few weeks now and we really wanted to see him. Which quickly turned into us sort of picking on him. But if he’d just put in his hearing aids we wouldn’t have this issue. That is a story for another time.

I've taken to taking random photos of myself. I'm weird like that.

I’ve taken to taking random photos of myself. I’m weird like that.

This picture over here has NOTHING to do with food at my parents house. I just think it looks like a good picture of me if we don’t look at my nose or the weird thing going on with my neck.

Right anyway we were at my folks hanging with the family. Which was nice. My niece even made us some bookmarks with all her crochet stuff. She’s tried to teach me, but I can’t keep up!

Most of the time she had her nose in her DS game thing. Which is I guess what you do when you turn nine. I turned nine so long ago I couldn’t tell you what I thought was remotely cool back then. Google “cool toys in 1987” and let me know.

Dinner was amazing as usual. I also stuffed my face as usual. So much so I doubt I will eat anything else tonight. Seriously. While we were at my folks house we got to meet their new dog. Who is super awesome and I want to sneak him home with me. But I think my hubbins would notice.

Love him.

Love him.

I shit you not when I broke out my phone to take this picture of him he stood up, shook out his fur and posed like this! Too freaking cute. Plus just look at that face. What’s not to love? I mean really?

So sadly I did not dognap him THIS time. But yeah it might just happen. Maybe. For some reason we also ended up watching this History Channel program on THE BIBLE. I have no idea why we were watching. Or how much of the Bible would be covered. But the portion we were watching was all about Moses freeing the slaves. So my guess is all Old Testament and maybe some New. One of the perks of no cable is I may never know! Dun, dun, dunnnn!!

Once dinner was done and Bible watching. Hubbins and I headed off to see his folks for a bit before we had to fly home so he could head out to some geeky guy thing. At least he actually stopped the car to let me out. He was THAT late. So I did what any normal person would do when left to their own devices. Tried crap I’d seen on Pinterest. This is a link to the pin in question.

Now don’t get me wrong it totally worked wonders on my face, but a few things you should know…



This stuff gets rock hard on your face faster in less than 15 minutes. I really should have started taking it off as it started to get a little tight. Not the full fifteen minutes suggested. That shit* turned into cement on my face. So much so that I needed to use a wash cloth and hot water to soak it off. Also DO NOT use any moisturizer for a while after. It stings like a mofo! But on the upside it works!

Sure my face it a little red from scrubbing that crap off my face. But there isn’t a gross blackhead in sight! Which I consider a win. After all pain is beauty right? Of course I’m right I still have some of the mix in my eyebrow hair and I think I’ll just worry about that when I’m in the shower tomorrow morning.

Now to reward myself with a nice (small) glass of scotch. Or perhaps I’ll try a different take on a Captain Jack Harkness. This drink usually involves Cherry Coke, Captain Morgan, and Jack Daniels. But we are clear out of Cherry Coke. So I’m thinking Black Cherry cola might work in a pinch. Then again maybe I better stick to the scotch. No need to go crazy. After all there’s enough of that here as it is.

I have one huge nose. Thanks Dad!

I have one huge nose. Thanks Dad!

Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday. If you happen to have this coming week off…well you sort of suck. I’ll be working away. So think of me or don’t it’s cool.


*Sometimes I curse. I can’t always help it. I’ve tried.

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