The gas that wasn’t there…

BIG news! And now that I have your attention…please look at how awesome my new hair cut is! (I’ll wait)

My hairdresser ROCKS!

My hairdresser ROCKS!

Awesome right? I know! The real test of course will be tomorrow morning when I try to make it look this awesome. Sure to be a good time. Whenever I go really short I’m reminded of theĀ MULTIPLE times my younger sister cut her hair as a child. Mind you she never cut more than a bit here or there, but she still did it. Of course this was before my mother threatened to shave her head if she did it again (this actually was an effective way to get her to stop). I will say my sister would only get this need to cut said hair right before weddings she was in. Hey maybe she really didn’t want to be a flower girl for the millionth time. But what do I know? Now her hair is long and awesome and yeah I’m a little jealous.

So what do I do? Cut it crazy short! But let’s face it, I make this look good! At least that’s what I tell myself. But seriously it is really cute and I do like it. There are downsides. Like I now must ALWAYS wear make-up. It dries SUPER quick so getting dressed will now become an Olympic sport. There are others, but most of all I’m in love with it and that my friends (all five of you who read this) is all that matters! It was time for a change and I ran with it.

In others news my hubbins is a mean to me. He LOVES to do anything that gets a reaction out of me. Like a chump I fall for it each and every time. I’ll be nice and not go into great detail, because I am an amazing wife. But let’s just say it involved locking the car windows and suckering me into thinking that there was a toxic gas trapped in the car with us. Yup this is the man I married. And no I wouldn’t pick anyone else. Gas or no gas.

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