The gas that wasn’t there…

BIG news! And now that I have your attention…please look at how awesome my new hair cut is! (I’ll wait)

My hairdresser ROCKS!

My hairdresser ROCKS!

Awesome right? I know! The real test of course will be tomorrow morning when I try to make it look this awesome. Sure to be a good time. Whenever I go really short I’m reminded of the MULTIPLE times my younger sister cut her hair as a child. Mind you she never cut more than a bit here or there, but she still did it. Of course this was before my mother threatened to shave her head if she did it again (this actually was an effective way to get her to stop). I will say my sister would only get this need to cut said hair right before weddings she was in. Hey maybe she really didn’t want to be a flower girl for the millionth time. But what do I know? Now her hair is long and awesome and yeah I’m a little jealous.

So what do I do? Cut it crazy short! But let’s face it, I make this look good! At least that’s what I tell myself. But seriously it is really cute and I do like it. There are downsides. Like I now must ALWAYS wear make-up. It dries SUPER quick so getting dressed will now become an Olympic sport. There are others, but most of all I’m in love with it and that my friends (all five of you who read this) is all that matters! It was time for a change and I ran with it.

In others news my hubbins is a mean to me. He LOVES to do anything that gets a reaction out of me. Like a chump I fall for it each and every time. I’ll be nice and not go into great detail, because I am an amazing wife. But let’s just say it involved locking the car windows and suckering me into thinking that there was a toxic gas trapped in the car with us. Yup this is the man I married. And no I wouldn’t pick anyone else. Gas or no gas.

The first of many in 2013

My husband and I finally headed to the movies today. We haven’t been since The Avengers came out. Which was last MAY! Yeah we need to get out more. Which was was today was all about. Kicking the year off right by going on a date!

We chose to see The Hobbit. Silly us thought NO ONE would be in the theater to see it. But theater 3 was PACKED! We were lucky to find two good seats together. So armed with my medium popcorn, our shared medium soda, and my husband’s snacks brought from home (shhh!) we were ready for the nearly 3 hour adventure.

What I gained from The Hobbit was this: Martin Freeman was really playing John Watson dressed as a hobbit and not once did I hear Benedict Cumberbatch utter a word…yet he was listed as in the movie! A little irksome as I am having some SERIOUS Sherlock withdrawal! Right, I also discovered that I need to re-read The Hobbit sometime between now and the next movie. Which as I see from IMDB is next freaking December!! What the actual hell?

Anyway. A funny thing happened on the way out of the mall. The Mister starts finding all this extra candy/snack stuff in his coat that he brought along for the movie. To which I responded: are you a hobbit? Well, I at least found it funny. After the movie we headed over to The Cheesecake Factory for an early dinner. Now I like getting to eat out and this was even better as we had a gift card.

The downside comes when we factor in my gluten free diet. The odds of a place like The Cheesecake Factory having stuff I can eat is slim…the name should tell you that. But we tried. First I tried asking for a gluten free beer they were supposed to have, Bard’s Beer. They didn’t. Fine glass of wine it is. Upon mentioning the gluten allergy thing our waitress tells me she has to get the manager. So he comes over and tells me they can accommodate. But our waitress will need to double check with him to make sure what I want is ok.

Now I think this could have been avoided if they just made up a gluten free menu! But no they didn’t have one so I was flying blind. I figured I’d be safe with a Miso Salmon dish. Wrong, the sauce has wheat/gluten of some type…really? So I asked for the regular salmon dish…meh. It kind of bummed me out. Really all this running back and forth would have been cut had they a menu for me. It really isn’t a huge thing to ask for. At least I didn’t think so.

What we learned from this little outing to The Cheesecake Factory is to go across the hall to P. F. Chang’s because they have a huge selection of items and dedicated menu! But even with all that I had my first success to add to my jar – date night! Sure it isn’t anything major, but for us it is. So into my jar it went.

I still need to decorate it...but it is a start right?

I still need to decorate it…but it is a start right?

Only good things from here kids! In fact 2012 ended pretty well for us. We rang in the new year with some new friends we just sort of knew, then we went to their wedding, and well the rest is history!

We even heard great news from family. Looks like we’ll have a wedding to head to perhaps in 2013, but since they only got engaged yesterday I don’t think they’ve finalized anything at this point. But both of these events allowed us to end the year on a high note. Just as our first date, on the first day of the new year was the right way to kick things off.

I am really excited to see what 2013 brings to me and those I hold near and dear. I’m looking for it to be nothing but lucky ’13. Will there be bumps along the way? Sure, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed we don’t see any of the major speed bumps we had last year!

One final thing before I go pick up a book. I’ve got 52 to read this year. No time like tonight to get started right?

I picked up two things last year and today. One a SMASH book. You know the scrapbook-ish thing? Well, I was going to use it for tea related things. But I think I’m also going to use it as a 2013 success/awesome book thing. I also picked up a little pocket notebook to jot down the random idea that might come my way when I’m not right at my computer to drop it here.



So there you have it. I hope your 2013 started off on the right (or left) foot. Here’s to 364 more successful days ahead!


Wonderful Tonight

Ok I know it’s been a while since I last posted. But I’ve had my reasons. The major one was that I pinched a nerve/pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder. Which did not make me a happy camper for more that a week! A lot of heat patches and a few muscle relaxers later I feel amazing! As you also know I also I’ve been temping at a local non-prophet for the last two months. Needless to say I’ve been tired when I get home! But I’m getting my energy back, sort of.

Anyway, I’ve had one of the best days off in a long time! I got up at my usual time, showered, dressed, AND ate a healthy breakfast…normally on a day off I would have slept in until 10 or so and been super pissed with myself. So big ups to me for following through on getting up when I said I would. After breakfast I grabbed my laptop from the office and set up shop at the kitchen table and flipped on some of my favorite tunes to work by. Yup there’s a playlist for that. 🙂

I worked on a few tea blends per friends requests. I also drank a lot of tea today, yikes! I then cracked out a long overdue blog for the tea blog and got back in gear with another tea social media type site I belong to. It was a tea filled day for sure! I also got some quality snuggles and fun in with the cats. They can pretend they didn’t like it, but I know they did!

Right so the best day ever continued when Husbandman returned home after work and we ordered pizza for dinner with wings. Yes it was FULL of gluten and I loved every minute of it! After dinner I was poking around Facebook when I noticed one of my FAVORITE Etsy sellers, Enlightened Platypus posted a few items for sale. Naturally, I rushed over to her shop to see what was up for grabs. What I found and what happened next was nothing short of magical!

I thought I would find everything snapped up and reserved as usual. (Her stuff is awesome and goes quick) I was surprised to find she had a lot of Dream Sleeves up for grabs, I was even more surprised to find there was a Dryad Dream Coat in my size in colors I liked up for grabs. The name of the coat is Potions Class and the colors are all reds, oranges, and purples and I was instantly in love. I must have looked at it a million times in one minute. I quickly logged in to Etsy and after some frantic password resets I saw it was still for grabs. So I called in Husbandman and told him that the shop owner usually allowed for paying in installments could I do it? (Her coats are kinds pricey, but worth it) To my SURPRISE he told me to just pay for it outright!!

To say that I nearly fainted is an understatement. My hands were shaking as I typed in all of my information. I even made my husband check all the info four times before I hit submit. According to my Etsy account I got the coat! I’ll see if I can get the shop owner to send me a picture to post here as I don’t know how long it will take to get the coat. I also got to get the coat because Husbandman just spent a hefty sum on a tool he’s wanted for ages. NOT that he had to let me make an equal purchase but it is awesome that he let me buy it. I’m literally doing a happy dance in my chair as I type this. 🙂

So this day has been pretty awesome….one for the record books maybe? Well, at least my record books. In other news there is no baby news to share. The more I think about it and the more I see pregnant friends post about their upcoming blessed events on Facebook the more I want to keep that news to myself. You know when it happens. Sure I think we’ll both mention it on Facebook and here, but not a lot. For privacy’s sake and all that.

Happy Easter/Passover!

*Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

Human Nature

Yes, I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry. I’ve been busy, what more can I say? For example I am currently busy OWNING a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar w/Almonds. They happen to be one of the few chocolate anything bars I can enjoy. You can bet your ass I am! I’ve also been working on a screenplay!

A screenplay you say? Yes, a screenplay! I’ve signed up for Script Frenzy for the last three years and have yet to finish, but that all ends here! I only need 100 pages, BUT I really want to make a go of this. No I have no idea what I’m doing. You know I’m pretty sure Matt Damon and Ben Affleck had no real idea either and they won an Oscar! So what do I really have to lose?

My only issue right now is I can’t really think of a name for the film…which I actually want to make into a book first. Don’t question my thinking…just go with it. 🙂 Anyway, I really need a name. I don’t want to give too much away with the plot. But I’m thinking the title of this post might work – Human Nature. Not for the song by the late Michael Jackson. But because I feel the plot is about human nature in it’s simplest form.

Then again I’m sure Good Will Hunting wasn’t the first choice for Damon and Affleck. If it was well good for them! Long story short I’m really enjoying myself with this writing project. And yes how freaking cool would it be to have the movie made (yes big dreams here) and even better be nominated for an Oscar. My Mom has already told me she’s going when I get nominated and my husband can stay home. My mom rocks!

So I’m busy with that and coming up with quite the cast for the film. It would be an epic cast! I’ve also started to piece together a soundtrack. 🙂 Other then my awesome delusions of grandeur I’ve been working six days a week. Five at the day job and the other day is in the tea shop. I’m a busy bee. Plus there’s the whole hope that we might get pregnant sometime soon. Which is a good incentive to get my butt in gear with this whole screenplay idea. 😉

Anyway…back to the script!

UPDATE: A family friend posted this on her wall and I had to re-share it everywhere:

Source: Internet

*Human Nature – Performed by 2Cellos (If you have not heard their stuff go and buy it now – that is all!)

You Belong With Me

Hanging out with Little Miss for the weekend.


Going to be a great weekend! 🙂


*You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift (Little Miss picked this song)

Streets of Philadelphia

I’m back in Philadelphia this weekend for my first alumni board meeting. I love being back in Philly. There are days I truly miss being able to walk EVERYWHERE! Sure I could walk to places in Troy and where I work in Albany. But it isn’t the same as being here in Philly. The funniest thing made me feel welcome when I got here…it was when I caught the #9 bus into Center City. But it wasn’t so much the bus as it was what the bus said when the doors opened. “Welcome aboard route 9 Center City via Chestnut Street. ” Sure I’m paraphrasing, but it made me feel at home.

I took that bus damn near everyday when I lived in Philly close to ten years ago. It was an awesome route into the city and pretty much hit every major location in the city too. It made me feel more welcome, I’m an odd duck what can I say? Oddly enough I felt more at home this time when I arrived unlike when I first came back in September for a tea thing.

For example as I sit here in the “gayborhood” I can feel the soft rumble of the train underneath the street and that too welcomes me back. Soon (I hope) I’ll meet up with a fellow Rosemonster who was good enough to host me this evening before our trek to our alma mater for board meetings tomorrow. I was last on campus in 2009 for Family Weekend and it was surreal then. Being back on campus. But I loved showing my future husband where I spent some of. The best four years of my life.

I hope he’ll come with me in June for Reunion. I think that he’d really enjoy it. I’d also love to take him around Philly a little more. We had a brief tour when we were here in ’09. Plus maybe we’ll stop at Ikea on the way home too. No I have NO shame at all!

I plan to soak up ALL I can in the next day of one of my favorite cities. Take some notes and maybe get back to writing that story I started when I lived here.

Thanks for reading.

*Streets of Philadelphia – by Bruce Springsteen, from the film Philadelphia

No One Is Alone

….proof positive when random things show up on your back porch. HusbandMan and I got home from work and errands tonight to find a plastic grocery bag on the back porch. Inside 8 handmade/glued/cut blank books. No note, just the books. I’m still a little creeped out by this. I’m thinking wrong address or something.

Today began my first full week back in the swing of things after the events of the end of 2011/beginning of 2012. I was lucky enough to be spending it with my favorite florist. But I arrived there  a good half hour/forty-five mintes before she opened. So I wandered over to the college where I used to work to grab a coffee and something to eat. Yes a coffee. Just because I drink tea doesn’t mean it is all I drink. Besides it’s Monday…and caffeinated tea was not going to cut it for me.

After running into a former co-worker and professor I headed back to hang at the shop. It was nice to be back. It was also nice fixing up the Facebook page for the shop, setting up Twitter, etc. I’m in my element in a way when I’m doing that stuff. I wouldn’t say I’m a social media genius. But I’m pretty good. 😉 It all just seems to come naturally to me. I’m not sure why, but I just go with it and enjoy it.

I managed to get a lot done for the shop and for myself….thank you multiple browsers! That and another cup of coffee and I was turbo charged for the morning. Note to self no more than one cup of coffee twice a week. The day progressed with orders, lunch, and chatting. That last bit is the bit I missed the most of my day spent with FBP. We can talk about anything and we talk as if we’ve known one another forever. It isn’t often we find people like that and it is nice when we do. They tend to remind us that we are in fact not alone.

At one point when all our  work was done we sat down at her new table to read the paper. FBP offered to paint my nails and I jumped on the offer. One it is major girl time which I don’t let myself have often enough. Two I can’t paint my nails to save my life! Mind you it is at this moment that FBP’s husband came in. When he did she and I burst out laughing as we figured THIS would be when he came in. When it looked like we were doing nothing. The rest of the day zipped along and before I knew it HusbandMan was picking me up so we could run our errands.

The errands being getting items for a Faerie Masquerade wedding we’re attending this weekend.  It should be a lot of fun esp. if he and I can pull off our costumes! I’m reusing my wedding dress (when was I going to wear it again?) and hoping some of the Theater kids at the college can work up something for me makeup wise. If not I’ll wing it and hope for the best! I also have to ask FBP to paint my nails again as that only lasted not even a whole 12 hours before several were chipped/dinged *sigh*.

Anyway that was my day…how was yours?

Thanks for reading…