Resolutions/Goals for 2013

Aka I think I can, I think I can…

1. Go to the gym twice a week (minimum). I’ve had a gym membership since August I think and I’ve been pissing away $10 a month since mid-September. Time to stop that!

2. One date night a week with the Mister. Somehow we got out of doing this and it sucked!

3. Read a book a week. That’s right meaning I will have read 52 books next year. But someone should check my math to be sure…

4. Use this blog more often. At least once a week!

5. Clean & organize the house.

6. Limit computer time at home. Look I sit in front of a computer ALL day. I’m thinking no more than an hour on weeknights and maybe three hours on each weekend day. Will it work? We shall see.

7. Listen to more music just because. You know not just when I’m in the car or out someplace.

8. Cook more. Yes, I already do this. But I sometimes fall into making what’s easy (can of soup, bag of instant rice, etc.). Time to cut the crap and break out the cookbook!!

9. REALLY stick to the gluten free diet I should be on! No more cheating no matter how tasty the bread it!

10. Cut the coffee. Somehow I fell back into it this week. I blame the shiny Starbucks gift card from my sister and her mister. But really tea or bust (fine water too)!

11. RELAX!

12. Start a girls night.

13. WORRY LESS!!!!

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