The gas that wasn’t there…

BIG news! And now that I have your attention…please look at how awesome my new hair cut is! (I’ll wait)

My hairdresser ROCKS!

My hairdresser ROCKS!

Awesome right? I know! The real test of course will be tomorrow morning when I try to make it look this awesome. Sure to be a good time. Whenever I go really short I’m reminded of the MULTIPLE times my younger sister cut her hair as a child. Mind you she never cut more than a bit here or there, but she still did it. Of course this was before my mother threatened to shave her head if she did it again (this actually was an effective way to get her to stop). I will say my sister would only get this need to cut said hair right before weddings she was in. Hey maybe she really didn’t want to be a flower girl for the millionth time. But what do I know? Now her hair is long and awesome and yeah I’m a little jealous.

So what do I do? Cut it crazy short! But let’s face it, I make this look good! At least that’s what I tell myself. But seriously it is really cute and I do like it. There are downsides. Like I now must ALWAYS wear make-up. It dries SUPER quick so getting dressed will now become an Olympic sport. There are others, but most of all I’m in love with it and that my friends (all five of you who read this) is all that matters! It was time for a change and I ran with it.

In others news my hubbins is a mean to me. He LOVES to do anything that gets a reaction out of me. Like a chump I fall for it each and every time. I’ll be nice and not go into great detail, because I am an amazing wife. But let’s just say it involved locking the car windows and suckering me into thinking that there was a toxic gas trapped in the car with us. Yup this is the man I married. And no I wouldn’t pick anyone else. Gas or no gas.

This light sucks AND my nose is HUGE

Today is/was Easter Sunday. Or as we call it in our house Zombie Jesus Day. Because we’re kind of jerks about the whole religion thing. But that’s a post for another time.

We did what most young married folks who don’t have kids do – went to my parents houses to mooch food. Plus my Dad has been home for a few weeks now and we really wanted to see him. Which quickly turned into us sort of picking on him. But if he’d just put in his hearing aids we wouldn’t have this issue. That is a story for another time.

I've taken to taking random photos of myself. I'm weird like that.

I’ve taken to taking random photos of myself. I’m weird like that.

This picture over here has NOTHING to do with food at my parents house. I just think it looks like a good picture of me if we don’t look at my nose or the weird thing going on with my neck.

Right anyway we were at my folks hanging with the family. Which was nice. My niece even made us some bookmarks with all her crochet stuff. She’s tried to teach me, but I can’t keep up!

Most of the time she had her nose in her DS game thing. Which is I guess what you do when you turn nine. I turned nine so long ago I couldn’t tell you what I thought was remotely cool back then. Google “cool toys in 1987” and let me know.

Dinner was amazing as usual. I also stuffed my face as usual. So much so I doubt I will eat anything else tonight. Seriously. While we were at my folks house we got to meet their new dog. Who is super awesome and I want to sneak him home with me. But I think my hubbins would notice.

Love him.

Love him.

I shit you not when I broke out my phone to take this picture of him he stood up, shook out his fur and posed like this! Too freaking cute. Plus just look at that face. What’s not to love? I mean really?

So sadly I did not dognap him THIS time. But yeah it might just happen. Maybe. For some reason we also ended up watching this History Channel program on THE BIBLE. I have no idea why we were watching. Or how much of the Bible would be covered. But the portion we were watching was all about Moses freeing the slaves. So my guess is all Old Testament and maybe some New. One of the perks of no cable is I may never know! Dun, dun, dunnnn!!

Once dinner was done and Bible watching. Hubbins and I headed off to see his folks for a bit before we had to fly home so he could head out to some geeky guy thing. At least he actually stopped the car to let me out. He was THAT late. So I did what any normal person would do when left to their own devices. Tried crap I’d seen on Pinterest. This is a link to the pin in question.

Now don’t get me wrong it totally worked wonders on my face, but a few things you should know…



This stuff gets rock hard on your face faster in less than 15 minutes. I really should have started taking it off as it started to get a little tight. Not the full fifteen minutes suggested. That shit* turned into cement on my face. So much so that I needed to use a wash cloth and hot water to soak it off. Also DO NOT use any moisturizer for a while after. It stings like a mofo! But on the upside it works!

Sure my face it a little red from scrubbing that crap off my face. But there isn’t a gross blackhead in sight! Which I consider a win. After all pain is beauty right? Of course I’m right I still have some of the mix in my eyebrow hair and I think I’ll just worry about that when I’m in the shower tomorrow morning.

Now to reward myself with a nice (small) glass of scotch. Or perhaps I’ll try a different take on a Captain Jack Harkness. This drink usually involves Cherry Coke, Captain Morgan, and Jack Daniels. But we are clear out of Cherry Coke. So I’m thinking Black Cherry cola might work in a pinch. Then again maybe I better stick to the scotch. No need to go crazy. After all there’s enough of that here as it is.

I have one huge nose. Thanks Dad!

I have one huge nose. Thanks Dad!

Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday. If you happen to have this coming week off…well you sort of suck. I’ll be working away. So think of me or don’t it’s cool.


*Sometimes I curse. I can’t always help it. I’ve tried.

But that was last night and this is almost noon

When last we left me I was complaining about biting the inside of my mouth/lip. So while I waited for the oven to preheat so I could finally get dinner going I thought gum would help with the biting. And it did until that inevitable moment where I went to bite on the gum and caught the inside of my cheek instead!

Naturally, after I did this I had to go and tell my husband. Because that’s what weird people like us do. I can’t explain it, we just roll with it. Thankfully his response was not some smart ass comment but a shrinking in pain with sympathy. Smart man, very smart man. FINALLY the oven was ready for my meh fish sticks. I say meh because of them being gluten free. Some things including fish sticks WERE NOT MEANT to be gf. But I’m glad they are so I can eats them.

Om nom nom...kind of.

Om nom nom…kind of.

They look way beter on the box. Trust me. I’m an expert! Now earlier in the day the Hubbins (who had the day off) was out running errands and knew I needed more yummy tartar sauce for said fish sticks. He texted to ask if any would do. I of course said sure. I mean how many brands could there be? He came home with this…

I wonder if there happens to be an ABLES cocktail sauce out there.

I wonder if there happens to be an ABLES cocktail sauce out there.

I have never hear of this brand. His response was that I had told him it didn’t matter and he was right. But I still expected the markets brand over something like this. Did it taste fine? Sure I mean you really can’t screw up tartar sauce too badly. I just like messing with him. I chowed down all the fish sticks and went back to interneting. While wasting my time on the internet I realized my husband was getting up super early the next morning. Which usually meant I would be getting up early too.

Long story short I went to bed and was quickly surrounded by two cats. Seriously they weigh 8.2 and 9.2 pounds respectively. So someone explain why when they get on either side of my legs they become little vises and I can’t move… Then they both started to sing me the song of their people furman(?) and I was soon asleep.

So did I wake up when my Hubbins got up. Yes, but I was quickly lulled back to sleep by a cat. To top it off the cats let me sleep in! Which could only mean my husband fed them before he left. Score one for him.

Today I thought about getting dressed and even did throw on pants, but let’s face it I didn’t want to deal with a belt today. Yoga pants covered in cat fir for the win! Paired of course with the “boob” shirt as we now call it. Let me explain, there is this website called The deal is they only sell one shirt per day. Once the day is done the shirt is GONE for good. I’ve bought a few things from them recently as their shirts run to the geeky side of things.

A few weeks ago they had their grab bag sale. They do print some extras of the shirts or something like that and ever six months they do a $6 grab bag offer. You pick your size and you get a mystery shirt. Well, I got one for me and one for the Hubbins. His shirt was all kinds of cool spells from Harry Potter. I got a Halo shirt…

The only part truth to the shirt is the wording at the top UNSTABLE - it happens to the best of us.

The only part truth to the shirt is the wording at the top UNSTABLE – it happens to the best of us.

Thus the “boob” shirt is born. Said shirt is also only worn when I don’t plan to leave the house. It sure is comfy, but yeah not something I feel I can wear out…yet. Then this week Teefury did a very MEAN thing to me. They offered up not one, but TWO Sherlock (BBC version) shirts! What the hell?! I am not made of money here people! But I did buy both, shhh! Hey they were both very cool and I will post pictures of them when they arrive.

So now the rest of the day is mine to do with as I please. My guess is more internets, reading, working on my own book (I have a new idea), and things like that. Camp NaNoWriMo starts Monday for a month. I’ve signed up, but I’m not really into pushing myself like I did for regular NaNoWriMo. But I’m going to see where the month takes me.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Nothing to see here…

I’ve just spent the last 3 hours on the internets reading mindless stuff. Which isn’t a super huge problem. After all it is Friday and I have nowhere to be until Sunday. You know for Easter dinner.

Hopefully this year I can stop myself from answering the phone without saying “Happy zombie Jesus day.” That did not go over well when my niece was on the other end of that call…on speaker phone. Let’s just say my mother not pleased. My husband on the other hand thought it was HILARIOUS…

On a side note I’m freaking hungry. Which I’m now noticing after I’ve apparently tried to eat the inside of my lip/mouth for the last half hour. AKA stress bitting the SHIT out of the inside of my lip/mouth for the last half hour. So um I’m going to go eat. But first THESE came in the mail today. So I’m going to have ALL the reading! Or something like it.

Reading is FUNdamental!

Reading is FUNdamental!